I love my church because…

I love my church because of the people who make EPIC so epic.  Vanessa and I started on this journey alone.  We knew God called us in November of 2007 when we made the decision to pack up everything and move from Michigan to Kansas City.  We knew God was going to build His church when we arrived on the ground in KC at the beginning of March 2008.  We started jobs shortly after and continued to pray for God to bring the right people to EPIC.  God started answering that prayer in 2008 and He has continued to answer that prayer ever since.

As I look back over five years I remember when Jason and Becky Flood became an answer to that prayer.  They left their families in 2008 to move here and help us get started.

I remember our first Sunday as my mom and grandparents were there to show their support.  They still show their support each and every week.

I remember in 2009 when Mike Boldizs started coming to the theater and how he helped us load and unload every weekend.  Mike still helps out each and every weekend.

I remember when Erik Henson showed up for the first time.  Three and a half years later and he is still running sound for us.

I remember the first time I met Scott Muehlmann.  He only came because Darla asked him to come with her as an anniversary present.  That was August of 2009 and they’ve been coming together ever since.

I remember when Jake and Erica showed up at the theater on a Sunday morning because they saw our sign there on a Saturday night.  Within a few months they had a bunch of family members show up.  Those family members keep showing up every week.

I remember the first day Fred Link showed up.  I was talking about the financial needs of EPIC and the Links became an instant answer to prayer.

I remember when Holly Carter walked in after seeing an ad in the newspaper.  She’s the only person that came as a result, but what a wonderful family that EPIC gained that day.

I remember the call I received from Matt and Sarah Rutledge in 2010 that was so timely.  They jumped in and so did Matt’s parents.

I remember how we prayed for worship team members and they began to arrive. Brad, Steve, Jodi.  Now they arrive early every week to prepare for your arrival.

I remember when Matt and Ali arrived and since then their family has doubled.

I remember when Rob and Renee showed up after seeing the highway sign.

I remember the arrival of the Davis clan, which led to the arrival of Kendra, which led to the arrival of Trey, which most recently led to the arrival of baby Paetra.

I’ll never forget this past Easter when Gil came with Lauren and Ray came with Lisa.

I could go on and on about each of you.  I baptized many of you, prayed over your families, and dedicated your babies.  I’ve stood before God as His representative as some of you have exchanged your vows and I’ve stood next to caskets as some of you have buried loved ones.  I’ve celebrated with so many of you and cried with many of you.  We may have shared a meal or just shared a Sunday experience but we have crossed paths as a result of EPIC Church.  For that I am grateful.

So never forget you are an answer to prayer.  You help make EPIC so epic.  You are a part of the EPIC family and that is the number one reason I LOVE MY CHURCH.



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  1. #1 by Fred link on January 10, 2013 - 12:48 pm

    I lovey church because I can be just who God made me to be without prejudice or judgement

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